REFORMER III (Advanced Reformer)

All essential components of the Power Pilates teaching tools and formula will be enriched and advanced reformer exercises will be mastered during the Advanced Reformer training. Students will learn how to incorporate the advanced exercises safely and effectively into their client's repertoire. Graduates will know how to teach a 60-minute advanced level reformer class (including modifications and variations for advancement). Power Pilates Apparatus certified students or re-attending Advanced Reformer certified teachers completing this training earn 10 CECs.
Complete Power Pilates Reformer II, Apparatus II, or Comprehensive training program

You will receive a certificate recognizing your successful completion of all the prescribed education material.
You will be internationally recognized as a Complete Pilates Reformer Teacher

2 or 3 lecture days (16 hours)
Practice teaching, performing exercises, and observing instructors teaching beginners on the reformer, at your own pace (68 hours)
1 final evaluation day (1 to 2 hours)

Students are provided with log sheets to track their hours of independent and online study, and typically complete this 100 hour program in 1 to 3 months, depending on their schedules.
$1249.00 regular price for US programs ($1299.00 for New York City programs), international pricing varies by location.

Tuition includes the manual, weekend training, exams, and one retest if necessary. Early Bird Discounts are available.

920 3RD AVE, 6TH FL. NYC 10022