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  • 12 Common Pitfalls of Pilates Instruction 12 Common Pitfalls of Pilates Instruction
    Let's face it, the Pilates method is far from just any ordinary workout. What is it? Is it like Yoga? Is it resistance training? Personal training? Is it stretching? Is it graceful and controlled like ballet? Is it physical therapy? Yes, yes and more yes. The focus however is on continual movement from the core. It is a mindful, whole body experience that balances every cell in your being! It cleanses your soul and revitalizes your body, mind, and spirit. The very mobilization of your Lesly Levy By Lesly Levy

  • Congrats, You're a Pilates Teacher! Now What? Congrats, You're a Pilates Teacher! Now What?
    You put in all the apprentice hours at the studio. You studied, worked out every day, and taught friends, family, and complete strangers for next to nothing. You were tested, evaluated, questioned, and tested again. Now, finally, you have your teaching certificate and your long journey is over. Or is it? To keep yourself sane during this exciting transition to full-fledged teacher, here are some things to remember as you venture into the pilates world: 1.Keep the Manual Handy! What? A Bonnie Grove By Bonnie Grove

  • Q & A with Cheryl Turnquist Q & A with Cheryl Turnquist
    What do you remember about the first time you tried Pilates? It was in 1999 in the basement of someone's house where she had 2 reformers, one tower, and a chair. There were only 3 Pilates instructors at the time in Rhode Island, and it was hard to get sessions with any of them. It was a very strange experience for sure and we left asking each other... what was that? What is this all about? And when can we go back for more? What is a misconception about Pilates you want to clarify? Cheryl Turnquist By Cheryl Turnquist

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