Power Pilates empowers you to discover your inner strength, transform your mind and body, and achieve a new sense of well being. Take your practice with you; discover the Power Pilates difference at one of our beautiful destinations. So celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, bask in the sun at one of Punta Cana's beaches, win big in Vegas, or shop till you drop in NYC. Power Pilates will be there for you every step of the way on your great escape. Experience the method at one of our beautiful destinations.

The Power Pilates Global Community

At Power Pilates, our students discover a profound sense of community. From our beginnings, Power Pilates has sought to create a Pilates community in the spirit of Joseph Pilates - energetic, committed and ever evolving. The founders of Power Pilates, started with a nascent group of studio instructors, have since propelled the total population of Power Pilates professionals and consumers into thousands upon thousands on a global scale. Over 10,000 Power Pilates trained graduates are now included in the global Power Pilates family.

Though the Power Pilates community has grown in size, the spirit remains intact. This spirit is reflected in our core beliefs; in our relentless commitment to the integrity of the method, in the way we organize our training programs, in our inspiring and motivating teaching method, in our personalized attention to our students, and in our connected approach with our studio clientele. It is felt in the energy exuded at our regional conferences, in the sweat breaking through during a vigorous workout session, and in the concentration of a new student listening to a senior trainer. The spirit at Power Pilates is strong, rewarding and invigorating.