The Power Pilates Curriculum Committee consists of five Teacher Trainers who are recognized as the authority on the maintenance and development of education standards for Power Pilates certificate programs. The group aims to honor the integrity of Joseph Pilates' Method, ensuring that our instructors honorably and dutifully pass on the legacy of the original work as it was handed down by the first generation teachers. The members of the Power Pilates Education Committee are nominated and selected by our elite group of Teacher Trainers at each Annual Meeting.

Lesly Levy


Lesly Levy, PMA_CPT, former owner of Mindful Moves Pilates Center, and current Power Pilates Senior Teacher Trainer and VBARRE Teacher Trainer, has been professionally instructing within the fitness field for 25+ years. Lesly brings with her a vast knowledge of Anatomy, Kinesiology, injuries, injury prevention. Lesly obtained her first Pilates certificate from the PhysicalMind Institute, her second from Power Pilates and is also Gold Certified with the PMA. She has presented at both ECA and PMA as well and is a regular presenter at Power Conferences in NYC and has traveled both within the US as well as internationally to teach Pilates Training Courses. Lesly's other certifications/trainings include: ACE PT, ACE Group Fitness, Mad Dog Spin, Yogafit, Indo Row, TRX, VBARRE, Beyond Barre, Irene Dowd Anatomy, FAMI, and specialties of recognition in perinatal fitness. Lesly is a wife and mother of 2. In her spare time, enjoys skiing, music, going to the theatre and reading.

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