The Power Pilates Curriculum Committee consists of five Teacher Trainers who are recognized as the authority on the maintenance and development of education standards for Power Pilates certificate programs. The group aims to honor the integrity of Joseph Pilates' Method, ensuring that our instructors honorably and dutifully pass on the legacy of the original work as it was handed down by the first generation teachers. The members of the Power Pilates Education Committee are nominated and selected by our elite group of Teacher Trainers at each Annual Meeting.

Bonnie Grove

LOCATION: Maryland

Bonnie began studying Pilates and yoga in 1999 while working part-time as a group fitness instructor in Frederick, Maryland. She was so intrigued by the unique approach of Pilates to the concept of exercise that she decided to pursue her Mat teacher training. Today, after completing over 600 hours of training and obtaining an advanced teacher training from Power Pilates, she works full-time teaching Pilates (mat and apparatus) to clients in both Maryland and Virginia. She also holds a yoga teacher certification from leading vinyasa teacher Shiva Rae.

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